Surface Preparation

surface preparation

Professional Surface Preparation

Trust Mikris Finishers Ltd in Stonehouse to provide the perfect start to allow you to have the perfect finish.

The key to producing a quality finish

Mikris Finishers Ltd are able to offer either chemical stripping or blast cleaning to remove old paint and rust from metal components as appropriate.
New and unpainted surfaces will be either blast cleaned or rubbed down to provide a key for the new paint. All components are either hand degreased or vapour degreased. Any areas not requiring painting are masked as necessary, such as, threads, studs, bearing surfaces etc.
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Processes we use:

  • Vapour or by hand

  • Glass Bead (very fine finishing media)
  • Aluminium Oxide (fine through to course media)
  • Plastic media (used for paint stripping)
  • Crushed glass (for hard acrylics to give a frosted look)
  • Walnut (a gentle cleaning media)

  • Etch Primer
  • Anti-corrosive (Zinc phosphate, zinc rich)
  • A variety of two pack primers to suit substrate

Paint Stripping
  • Hot wash

The materials we finish include:

Metals - ferrous and non-ferrous
Fibreglass and glass
ferrous metal

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